"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."



Nelson Mandela


Resilient to Anything


How to not just bounce back; how to bounce forward

Part of the CHANGE Training series, Resilient to Anything™ explores the 9 Routes to Resilience so you can create change-resilient people, teams and businesses.



Change leadership: How to not just bounce back; how to bounce forward


Resilience is the capacity to “bounce back” in the face of adversity or stress, which means it is a key factor contributing to an individual’s effectiveness in life and at work.  But what if you could bounce forward?

The importance of building your Resilience Quotient (RQ) alongside your EQ (emotional intelligence) and your Change Quotient (CQ) is being increasingly recognised. And what affects one individual, affects many.

The ability for a company or team to weather the inevitable storms of business also comes down to developing a culture of resilience. This is the ability for teams, divisions and companies to bounce back in periods of stress, uncertainty and volatility, and then use the experience to bounce forward.

Productivity, creativity and innovation are unleashed in teams that have developed high resilience and the skills to bounce forward, as they embrace uncertainty, actively pursue hidden opportunities in set backs, and focus on solutions.



Resilient to Anything™

The 9 Routes to Resilience brings the 5 Pillars of Resilience (mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual) to life

Delivered in a unique and inspiring way, Resilient to Anything™ enables leaders and managers to become aware of, and understand, the options available to them to build resilience, and to create a plan to build their own personal resilience quotient (RQ) and assist their teams to develop theirs.  They will also develop the ability to not just bounce back, but to bounce forward.

Supported by case studies, personal stories and facilitated discussion, together with individual reflection, participants will be able to develop strategies and take away tools to increase their resilience.




Learning outcomes include: 

‣ ways to harness courage to increase confidence

‣ getting comfortable with, and embracing, change

‣ dropping the ‘mask’ and becoming an authentic leader

‣ creating boundaries and standards

‣ developing emotional intelligence

‣ creating a growth mindset and willingness to embrace ‘failure’

‣ creating a metaphor that supports their life

‣ operating from a foundation of trust

Each attendee will also get their own RQ profile.





The Resilient to Anything™ series includes:

Resilient to Anything™ talk:

The 60 minute keynote shares the 9 Routes to Resilience, to bring the 5 Pillars of Resilience (mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual) to life

Resilient to Anything™ workshop: 

A 1.5 – 2 hour workshop focusing on the 9 Routes to Resilience, and the creation of – and commitment to – an individual action plan for each participant, workbooks and individual RQ profile

Resilient to Anything™ training: 

A full day training unpacking the 9 Routes to Resilience, and developing the core RQ elements with and the creation of – and commitment to – an individual action plan for each participant, workbooks and individual RQ profile




Resilient to Anything™ is perfect for individual leaders, team members and for teams who are facing change and disruption.  

The keynote is also a perfect kick off for a sales event or off-site meeting, or the workshop as part of a learning or skills module.

Clients who have requested this training in the past include:

Central Queensland University, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, Liquid Learning (Women in Leadership series), CSIRO (International Women’s Day)



Drop an email to culture@cultureincorporated.com.au or call 0449 85 85 96 – it’s as easy as that.





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‘Suffering is universal: you attempt to subvert it so that it does not have a destructive, negative effect. You turn it around so that it becomes a creative, positive force.’ Terry Waite

Julie Alexander

Certified trainer of coaching

Practitioner of Meta Dynamics™ III (facilitator training)


Julie is an accomplished trainer who has a unique style that inspires action as well as learning. Participants leave the training with more than just tools and tricks – they leave with a whole new way of thinking and being, which means the doing becomes easy.  Creating a safe place for participants to explore, Julie’s is a sought-after expert facilitator who delivers fun, interactive and memorable trainings, keynotes and workshops.


“Very engaging”


“Fantastic, engaging presentation with great examples”

Average rating: 24/25 rated Very Good or Excellent

“Julie has a unique, fun and interactive style of delivery. The sharing of her personal experiences are really engaging and the content is relevant and interesting. I’ve been to two presentations by Julie and she has the ability to captivate her audience.”  Kasey Bion, Finance Manager, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks

“It was a great session. I liked that it was practical (rather than science based) and allowed our team to engage with each other.” 

“Fantastic approach and explanation of content, great examples as case studies as well. Overall brilliant day!  Natalie Taylor, National Sales Manager, Blue Star Group

Spending a training day provided me with extremely relevant, interesting and a broad range of appropriate topics in business today. I appreciate the method of training and the delivery and I am confident I will take this training with me in my future.  Nicole Jandik, Sales Manager, Blue Star Group

Average rating 5/5

What an inspiring and authentic speaker!  Loved this talk #WomeninLeadership #STEM.  Erin Godecke on Twitter

Thanks for the great presentation in the last workshop. The topic on resilience really hit home, as these parts about character strength and change is not often discussed. Most of us do not stop to consider how far we can stretch ourselves and when we do, when to stop, change and adapt. The presentation was fun, well-illustrated and shared.  Thanks for a great presentation.  Senka Pupacic – top10insydney.com


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